Free Excel Gantt Chart Template 2019

Download a free Excel Gantt chart template
Step-by-step instructions to learn how to easily fit your project’s needs.

Excel is one of the most known and used tools on the planet, so it’s no wonder teams around the world rely on it for task and time management. However, it takes precious time to manually create and organize different tasks along with their start and due dates, and it can quickly become outperformed by a dedicated Project Management software. So why not let the pros help? We have created a free and ready-to-download Inbound Marketing inspired Gantt chart Excel template, and it’s just one click away. Click here to download.

We understand the essence of progress through task management, so we built a free pre-designed Gantt chart that will truly help you and your team. By using our pre-made free Excel template, you will only need to write down your tasks alongside your dates. And just like that, you’ll be able to visualize and print your project in a minute. Adjust your priority tasks, update your deadlines and automatically calculate duration. Follow the steps below to start using the easiest to use free Gantt chart Excel template around.

Free Excel Gantt Chart Template: Step-by-Step Instructions

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide to learn how to use our free Excel Gantt chart template (if you haven’t yet downloaded it, you can do it here). We’ve created this Gantt chart thinking of a quick and effective visual representation of a project, no matter what kind of project it may be. It is actually ready for you to start plugging in your own information, adding your dates, and begin tracking your progress, as easy as it really sounds.

A: Edit your tasks

Begin by renaming the pre-existing tasks to those that fit your project’s needs. You may do so by editing any task under the “Name” Excel column.

B: Update your dates

Now, you’ll need to edit your task’s start and end dates. These cells are pre-formatted as date cells (US format dictates Month, Day, Year, although you may change this format if and when needed).

C: Duration of tasks

We have pre-formatted our template so that each task is automatically calculated by subtracting the start date from the end date of each of your project’s tasks. You’ll notice how, as you enter your dates, the “Duration” column will populate on its own. Easy as that.

D: Fill in the user column

You may continue by assigning each task to different members of your team, so make sure to fill the “User” column with their own names. Also, you can edit the percentage on the “Progress” column depending on your task completion rate.

Next: How to Customize your Free Excel Gantt Chart Template

Name your Gantt chart and start working on your project

You know your project better than anyone, so give it a proper title. You can customize our Excel Gantt chart template by simply selecting our sample title and changing and formatting the text as you normally would any text on an Excel file.

Change the colors of the bars

You can freely edit the color of the Taskbar within your Gantt chart. This is especially useful in case you wish to assign a specific color to a team member or to separate your tasks by task type. In order to change the color of your tasks, click on a bar twice. Select the Excel paint bucket, and choose a color from the taskbar.

We're gonna need a bigger chart

We built a fairly decent list of tasks, but we are fully aware a project can be much more complex. So, in case you need more room for your tasks, you can simply add additional rows by highlighting the last filled row in the chart, clicking “Insert” and then selecting “Rows”. More rows with the same format will be added above.

Last step: Print your Gantt Chart

Good job! Your project is now print-ready. In order to only print your Gantt chart, head to the chart and click on any of its corners. You’ll notice the entire chart will be selected. Go up to File - Print - Print Selected Chart. In case you are using Mac, you’ll need to hover over your chart and drag out a selection until it covers the entire chart. Head over to File - Print Area - Set Print Area.

However, in case you need to print the entire project, including your list of tasks, head over to File - Print. Here, you may need to print multiple pages, depending on the size of your project, although you may also adjust the scale of the chart to fit a page on the regular printing options.

You thought this was simple? Wait until you try building your own Gantt chart on Instagantt

There is nothing like building and managing your own project. Instagantt has been carefully designed to allow you to manage your schedules, timelines, tasks, and subtasks, while also collaborating and communicating with your team in one beautifully crafted software.

Task management is our core function, and we take it seriously. Our Drag & Drop option will change the way you think of editing dates, changing lengths, or creating dependencies, forever.

We believe every task is important when managing a project. So break down each task and carefully bring your projects to completion by adding subtasks. Mark especially important tasks with Milestones and feel the joy of completing parts of your projects by dividing it in Sections.

Instagantt is super easy to use. You’ll be creating Gantt charts like a pro in no time. So start your free trial now:

Start by clicking on + New Workbook, and give your brand new workbook a proper title. You can begin by selecting Example Project on your menu, this is a great way to learn the basics.

You can now click on + New Project to start building your own Gantt chart. Give your project a name and click on Create. Your new project will now appear on the menu and you can start adding your tasks.

Once all your tasks and subtasks are all lined up, you may continue by assigning start and due dates to each of them. Also, you can write a basic description, add attachments, and simply manage every aspect of your project. Calculate the progress of your project by adding multiple subtasks; in case one of your tasks must be completed before you begin working on another task, you can add a dependency by dragging the corner to its predecessor and dependent task. And just like that, you can now start tracking your progress!

Quickly get a real sense of how much of your time and budget will be compromised on a specific task by completing the Estimated Hours, Actual Hours, Estimated Cost and Actual Cost fields. When creating tasks, simply click on the text field and type in the information.

Keep your team members informed of what’s happening by mentioning them and linking specific tasks or projects to them. Simply type “@” following the name of your teammate. They will receive a notification via email when a new activity is linked to them.

Instagantt also allows you to build ready-to-share online Gantt charts in minutes, virtually training free. Thanks to our Export & Share options, showing real-time progress becomes available in a second. Send an image, PDF, Excel file, or even a public snapshot of your work to your team or your clients.

We focus on efficiency and there are many ways in which Instagantt can help you. Whether you are a project manager, a marketer, IT manager, homeowner, contractor, freelance worker, content manager, contractor or a government agency, Instagantt will become a must-have tool in your day-to-day work life!

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