Instagantt for Asana: Beautiful Gantt Charts for your Asana Projects

Instagantt syncs in two way with Asana

There is two way communication between Asana and Instagantt,
so changes made in Instagantt reflects in Asana and vice versa

Instagantt Asana Integration
Asana Instagantt Integration Steps

How does it works?

Just choose the projects you want to connect and we will automatically convert it into a beautiful Gantt Chart.

What do we Sync?

  • Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Milestones
  • Start and Due dates
  • Estimated Hours
  • Risk
  • Priority
  • Costs
  • Notes
  • Comments

What else can I do in Instagantt for Asana?

  • Create portfolios (Multiple projects on the same Chart)
  • Manage your team Workload
  • Reports and Dashboard

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