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Beautiful and easy
Drag & Drop with dependencies

Creating a beautiful chart is as simple as painting your tasks on the chart. Use drag and drop to extend your tasks or move them around.

When you need to maintain a whole schedule synchronized when making changes to a plan, having dependencies between tasks is an incredible and simple way to have everything aligned.
Just make a change to one a task and everything will be propagated across the Chart.

Gantt Chart Software Drag and Drop
Instagantt Panel

Take control of your tasks. Assign, split, plan, and collaborate

Instagantt gives you full and quick control over each task. You can add full text descriptions and tag your coworkers in a comment.

Easily split the work into subtasks, which can be easily assigned and scheduled in the chart just like you schedule regular tasks.

You can set Estimated Hours planned for your task, Actual Hours spent, Estimated Costs (fixed + variable), Actual costs, Priority and Risk.

Workload Management

The Workload Management tool let you see how many tasks a user or resource has to do simultaneously on all the project lifetime.
Each user (or resource) has its own lane, and tasks are distributed by user across the timeline.
You can do classic horizontal drag & drop to change dates and duration, or vertical drag & drop to balance the workload between assignees.

Gantt Chart Software Workload
Gantt Chart Software Board View

Board and Kanban view

Our Board view is the perfect companion to engage your team, or just to start designing projects from an idea.

You can group projects by section or by status, which can be fully customized to set the perfect workflow for you and your team.

Start a quick outline of an idea on the Board, then do all the planning on the Chart, and then measure and manage the progress with our Status board.

Dashboard and reporting

Have you ever wanted to know how is your project going, and how is it delayed?

Our dashboard shows how is the evolution curve of your project over time. This means that you can know what should be the progress of your project on each point in time, and you can compare it with the real progress curve of your project.

Our reports and charts are generated automatically, you don't need to set any other information.

What if your original dates have changed? Don't worry, you can compare it with your original plan using our Baselines feature!

Gantt Chart Software Dashboard

Powerful features for advanced project managers

When your projects and your team management needs increases, we have the perfect combination of tools to help you succeed. Start project from templates, clone projects, handle estimated hours, project budgeting, portfolios, and much more.

Gantt Chart Software Features
Gantt Chart Software Share and Collaborate

Share and Collaborate

Invite your team to share your projects with you and collaborate with everyone on the same place.

Comment, assign, split, accept, and reject tasks.

Have external Stakeholders? Don't worry, you can share Public Links with them, or send PDF exports, Spreadsheet Exports or Image exports.

All the functionality needed by a successful Project manager

Drag & Drop
Workload Management
Kanban & Board View
Dashboard and Reporting
Fixed costs
Variable costs per user (hourly rates)
Risk Management
Baselines and Change tracking
Critical Path
PDF, Image, 
Spreadsheets, Exports

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