Everything you need to know about the Asana Gantt Chart Integration

Asana & Instagantt Integration

Instagantt is the Perfect Gantt Chart Ally for Asana

Do you and your team use Asana? Great news! By creating an Instagantt account linked to Asana, you'll be able to manage and create Gantt Charts for your Asana Projects in minutes.

Integrate your accounts in just a few seconds. Sign up for a free Instagantt account with your email address or through Asana, then simply select which of your projects you’d like to connect and sync with Instagantt. 

Asana and Instagantt Integration

Simple but Powerful Two-Way Integration Between Asana and Instagantt

There is two-way communication between both platforms, which means you’ll be bringing your projects and tasks from Asana into Instagantt automatically, maintaining your group of projects on the same chart, as well as your tasks and subtasks listed, exactly as they were on Asana. And by editing any information related to your projects, the changes you make in Asana will synchronize and reflect on Instagantt, instantly.

Manage your Projects Like Never Before

Instagantt expands how you use Asana by enabling you to seamlessly create Gantt charts with just a few clicks. Manage the current workload status of your team, create tasks, collaborate with team members and share your projects with clients and stakeholders in a way they can easily understand and visualize progress made.

Create Gantt Charts in Seconds

Forget about having to manually copy your tasks into a new software. We get the job done in seconds. Follow a few simple steps and focus on managing your projects with beautifully built Gantt charts. You’ll be scheduling tasks, creating dependencies and managing your budget in no time.

Effective Online Collaboration 

Attach and share documents, create tags, and easily write and assign comments and tasks to different team members. These are just some of the ways your team will be communicating thanks to amazing features designed to make collaborating across platforms easy.

Asana + Instagantt Synchronized Features

As you can see, there’s a wide variety of remote collaboration tools that you can choose from. Working from home is easier than ever been before thanks to the valiant efforts of the software community. We hope that this list has benefited you in some capacity.

There are still countless collaboration tools out there that we’re yet to cover so be sure to let us know if you’d like to see a sequel article. If you ended up using one of the tools on this list then be sure to share the piece with a friend or two and pay the help forward.

Collaborating will be far more efficient for everyone once they have the right solutions for the job. That’s all for now but we hope you have a great experience while working remotely and use your newfound free time in productive — not to mention healthy — ways.

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