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You Can Now Automatically Sync Milestones Created in Asana

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As a project manager, you quickly learn that projects come in all different types and shapes. This is why is essential to have critical points in your projects to successfully keeping your progress on track.

But to be fair, tasks also come in all sizes, and they might very much vary the amount of work, effort and time they require to be completed. This is where Milestones come in handy. Milestones represent a reference point that marks a critical decision factor, and they might also signify reaching an important goal or level on a given project.

In project management, Milestones are essential since they act as checkpoints to follow the progress and ensure deadlines will be met on time. They also serve as a wonderful way to keep your team informed, and on the same page as to the amount of work a certain task involves.

Milestones created in Asana will automatically sync to your Gantt chart

We are happy to announce that, as of today, you will be able to create and sync your milestones from Asana to Instagantt (Premium plan in Asana only). This way, when managing your projects and tasks in Asana, you can add a milestone, and it will automatically sync to your Gantt chart, keeping every team member aligned on the progress of your projects.

See this new feature in action:

Instagantt Syncs Milestones from Asana

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