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Unveiling Different New Features for 2020

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We are excited to announce the release of several new features, that we truly believe will make a positive impact on your online project management experience. These product updates were designed to provide more customizable options for you and to improve your overall experience when interacting with the platform, allowing you to have more control over the progress of your tasks, gain more scannability of work status, and be quicker when creating and managing tasks.

Restore Baselines

Instagantt already allows you to create and compare baselines, which is a super helpful feature for when you’ve had to make several schedule changes to your project, but you’d still like to see what the original plan looked like, and track the specific changes.

Now, thanks to our newest feature, you will be able to not only see what the original schedule looked like but to also choose to restore a specific baseline point, allowing you to jump back into your previously saved check-point project status.


You’ve always been able to choose which columns (assignee, due date, tags, priority, etc) are to be displayed on your main Gantt panel, according to the information that is most crucial to you and your project. 

Your project’s information is yours to manage and control, and now, you will also be able to modify the size of each column, by allowing you to drag each column to your own desired display size.


When managing projects, it’s usual that in some cases, your project will repeat the same group of tasks across certain sections or scenarios. 

With this in mind, you will now be able to copy and paste information related to a specific part of your project. By selecting a group of tasks from your list, and using Ctrl C+V or Command C+V key commands, the software will now allow you to copy and paste tasks to a different section. Pretty useful, right?

Highlight Calendar

We wanted to make it even easier to understand where you stand at all times when managing your projects. 

This is why we’re releasing this new feature that will highlight the days on the calendar located at the top, as you scroll through your tasks. This will provide quick and efficient visibility to the status and the duration of your scheduled tasks.

Unlimited Undo

Creating tasks and managing schedules do not come without changes or simple mistakes. Did you accidentally delete a task from your chart, or maybe decided the task was no longer necessary only to remember it would ultimately be? It’s ok. Because now, Instagantt provides an Unlimited Undo option. 

When managing your tasks and making changes to your chart, you can head over to your main left control panel and select the Undo button. You will now be able to see how many changes have been made to your project and choose to undo or redo, as many times as needed, and then select to restore to the desired point and to jump back in action.

Hourly Rates per User

We understand how important it is to have control over your budget when managing projects. With this in mind, we’re unveiling a new feature that will now provide the option to separate variable and fixed costs. 

You will now be able to set different hourly rates per user, this way, when you enter an “estimated hour” figure for a specific team member, the system will automatically calculate the actual cost based on their hourly rate.

Mobile Public Snapshot

Sharing the status of your projects with clients, team members, or stakeholders, is a huge part of project management. And we get that.

You’ve always been able to create and share public snapshots of your project in Instagantt, which are view-only links to your Gantt chart. But now, we’re unveiling our mobile version of public snapshots, which will provide a quick visualization of your entire Gantt chart, scheduled lists of tasks, and workload per user. This feature is great if you want to share the current status of your work on the go, giving your client or stakeholder the convenience of viewing your progress directly from their smartphone.

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