How to present a project? Ultimate Guide

Project success belongs to the way you adapt to present it. If you present your project in an effective way that you grab the intention of your client and take him/her to an agreement but if you create blunders and skip important points that you need to discuss while presenting your project.

Before you present your project, you should have a detailed meeting with your team to get their views about the presentation. You can acquire the client easily if you don’t lose confidence. If it is your first time, you are sweating due to nervousness and trembling with fear of being judged.

A complete guide on how to present a project?

Do not get panic and be confident about the content and visuals you have prepared to present your project. You should have command of all the information about your project and you should also know each word you have included in your presentation so that you can explain it deliberately and confidently. You should follow some important steps to present your project:

First of all, know the goals of your project

You should know the goals of the project you are doing as a project manager or being an owner of the project. First, you should discuss the project and fix its goals by having a warm call-up meeting with your team-mates and the owner of the company or the client for whom you are doing the project. This is important when it comes to how to present a project.

Goal setting and owning are most important to make a project successful. This is the winning spot you set to win the race. If you do not do this it means you do not have directions where you will go and your all efforts are useless.

Explain the goal of your project

After setting the goals, you need to convince the audience by sharing the goals of your project in a way that they could make a better understanding of it. You can explain your project by

  • Verbally presentation
  • Visuals
  • Models
  • Documentations

If you explain the goals very well, you have done half of the work.

Organize the steps on a paper to present your project

After setting and explaining the goals of your project you need to convince the audience or your client by explaining the ways to achieve these goals that seem. For that purpose, you should prepare well. You should make a layout of your presentation in which all the steps are organized and explained.

This will provide you backbone support in presenting the project in an organized and ordered way. This organization will help you remember all key points and give you confidence about what you are saying you know its meaning.

Prepare a rough sketch of words you are going to speak

It is just like writing a speech. The delivery of words plays an important role in convincing the audience. If you know playing the game of words well you will easily take the audience to your platform. Therefore, before speaking in front of a crowd keeping in mind that you will be judged based on the words you deliver.

So, prepare for speaking and know the meaning of every word you have included in. this can prove your strength or your weakness. It all depends on your preparation.

A healthy discussion with your team

When you work with your team, the pressure of work is minimized and the moral support of your team also encourages you to give your best. While presenting your project, make your team ready to collaborate with you, like you can divide the presentation into chunks and share with your team members asking them to explain that specific part.

Team collaboration encourages success step-wise with the best quality in a short time as the work is divided and you are not burdened. Have trust in your team and get unique ideas by having a healthy discussion with them. Show value to others' ideas by considering and appreciating them.

Prepare your team-mate on standby if there appears a need to get their services during presenting the project. They provide you support to answer some critical questions asked by the client if you have pre-planned with your team members. You should keep this in mind when you are talking about how to present a project.

Prepare a presentation on PowerPoint

Another effective way to present the project is to put your ideas on the slides and mention the most important content about them. You can use the images to clarify the concept of your presentation and its purpose as the images also describe the stories behind them. The images you use for visual description should be very clear and easy to understand.

There are several tools in a presentation that can help you to present your project in the form of image illustration. You can play these slides automatically by setting the time duration. Do practice over these slides after fixing the duration for playing the.

You can present your project not only in the form of words or images but also by videos or making graphics. The message you want to convey should not be lengthy or complicated. It should be simple and perfectly visible. Video audio presentation can be of more advantage in this regard.

Create some humor for the audience

If you talk a lot and change slides after slides, this will cause boredom among the audience. Here you need to engage the audience while conveying your serious message in such a way that it seems entertaining. You can relate the bullet points or image with funny day-to-day activities to create humor or you can also add some funny pictures or illusions to make fun of during heavy serious discussion.

You will indirectly and silently decently engage the audience. If you do so you will not feel the need to ask or make a request to the people to listen to you. They will do so willingly. This is an art, if you know how to do it without realizing the audience you are doing this intentionally, you are a successful speaker.

In this way you will easily grab the attention of the client of your audience, they will love to listen and understand you, and even they will wait and expect for the next bouncer from your side.

Adopt a confident body language

It is human nature that we feel hesitant when we address a crowd who is sitting to judge you and ready to argue with you when it is your first time. But slowly you will learn to deal with such a situation.

No matter, if you are a beginner, you do not need to get worried. Just stay confident that you have prepared your presentation and practiced as well and you can answer every query raised by the audience.

Focus on your body language; avoid doing the things that reveal your nervousness like pressing your hands, playing with a pen by producing a sound of tick-tock. It looks so odd and leaves a bad impression on your audience.

Make sure you have presented all the aspects

Keep a checklist with you on paper or a computer slide and check with it either you have explained important parts of your project, your client must know about them or one of them is left by mistake. If it is left, it is ok, make a turn and explain it in a way that it seems you did not explain it before to maintain the surprising effect of your project.

I will say it again that practice is the key to making your project presentation successful and completed within the expected or allocated time limit.  It is important when you come up with the question how to present a project.

Answer the relevant questions

When you present your project, there will raise many questions among the audience that are mostly related to the project type but some of them will ask such questions just to confuse you or let your morals down. Here, you need to play the mind game, do not let these questions disturb you but answer them with patience whether you know the answer or not.

If you do not answer, simply tell them you do not know about it, but want to know and ask for an explanation in the sense to add up your knowledge. If these questions are shits just to disturb you, they will not be thrown towards you next time.

Wrap up with a project

After discussing every aspect of the project with the client in detail, answering the queries, and getting the suggestions, you need to end the session by wrapping up the project presentation in the form of a summary and giving a short review. In this way, all important parts of the projects will be recalled and finalized.

Final thoughts

If you are new to project management and do not know how to present a project to your client or the crowd of the audience, please do not be worried and panic at all. It is not a big deal. You can do it by maintaining your confidence level, organizing the order of steps you are going to discuss, do practice and be tricky on grabbing the attention of the audience.

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