Construction Gantt Template for Project Management

Managing a construction project can be extremely demanding, as it entails a large list of actions related to different phases of your construction plans. Whether you are building a new home, a restaurant, or you are managing residential or commercial construction plans, making sure you are following a strict timeline and keeping in check each task of your plan, is essential to your overall success.

Using Gantt charts to manage a construction project will not only help you plan and track the progress of every task, but it will also allow you to share a visualization of your progress for clients, subcontractors, and everyone else involved.

Plan, Track and Visualize Tasks 

By using a Gantt chart software, you will be able to create, organize, assign, prioritize tasks, and track their progress. Use our construction project template as a checklist, and start adding up your own tasks to define your own structure.

If you’ve worked on construction before, you’ll know that time is one of the most crucial aspects of any project. Delays can be a serious setback and can easily hinder your project’s success. By using a project management software such as Instagantt, you will have a clear visualization of all your tasks, milestones and progress, helping you make sure your deadlines are all checked. Options like Critical Path will also help you gain insight as to what the most important tasks are.

Don’t Lose Sight of Your Budget or Your Progress

Construction projects are commonly no strangers to big budgets. And dealing with budgets usually requires careful planning. Use the Estimated Cost and Actual Cost fields in our template to track your expenses and to stay on budget, at all times. 

Managing your resources is essential to your success. Create and assign tasks to employees, contractors or builders, and help them visualize their contribution to the project. By setting and assigning tasks and hours, you will be able to follow their progress and see how they are performing, anticipating any possible setbacks.

Instant Access

Due to their complex nature, construction projects involve multiple people and heavy documentation. Being able to share your project’s timeline and schedule, at any given time, is extremely important to shareholders. Instagantt will allow you to export and download your construction project timeline, with just one simple click. You can also share a public snapshot of your project and provide quick visibility to anyone involved.

A construction project life-cycle can be rather long. From pre-construction to final stages, it’s important to connect every aspect involved. This will help you keep tasks from falling through the cracks, and it will make it easy to make informed decisions, based on visual documentation. 

Take a look at our Construction Gantt Template for Project Management

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