Product Updates

Inbox: Your New Notification Center
December 18, 2019

Inbox, your new notification center, will display any new unread tasks where you have been tagged, and any comments that have been assigned to you.

Instagantt Now Automatically Syncs Milestones (Asana)
October 13, 2019

This new feature will let you create and sync your milestones from Asana to Instagantt. This way, when managing your projects and tasks in Asana, you can add a milestone, and it will automatically sync to your Gantt chart.

Track and Compare Schedule Changes with Baselines
June 7, 2019

Instagantt's Baselines feature captures your Gantt chart's current state, then compares it to keep track of any schedule changes. See them in action.

Daily Task Manager
June 7, 2019

Instagantt is the perfect place to keep track of all your projects, meetings and goals in one place. Check out this awesome daily task manager template.

Revamped Tasks View
June 6, 2019

We are happy to unveil our revamped tasks view: a fresh, clean and beautiful look designed to help you get things done, much quicker.

New Information Fields
June 6, 2019

Thanks to our new information fields, you will now be able to add more relevant and useful data to your tasks, all in one place.

Export Specific Date Range and More
June 6, 2019

We have just added a highly requested feature for exporting only a portion of your plan. It's a very common practice that on large plans, you may want to communicate just the current month or the next three months, and not all the plan that has been already completed.

Unveiling New Design and UI Refresh
June 6, 2019

We've just launched a design and UI refresh of the app! We have been testing this for a while from now, and it had a great feedback. Task Bars, dependencies, and the overall UI got some polish and love.

Inline Edit of Fields on the Task List
June 6, 2019

Inline edit of fields on the task list. After customizing the columns that will be shown on your task list, simply hover your mouse on the cell and click on it to edit them inline.

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