Email Notification When a Task is Assigned to You

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Alexa Cuartin

While managing different projects, you need to be on top of a million different things, all at once. And sometimes, it really becomes an issue to keep informed of so much, especially when you need to be fully aware of each thing you need to complete during the day.

Whether you are managing last-minute changes, rushing from meeting to meeting, or just making sure your daily tasks are up to date, you need all the help you can get to stay on top of things. We all spend a large section of our day looking through our email, right? So why not staying informed about your next tasks directly to your inbox?

Instagantt: Email Notification When a Task is Assigned to ou

We are unveiling a new feature that will allow you to receive a notification via email when a new task is assigned to you. This way, you’ll always stay on track, just by looking through your inbox.

Also, you will now be able to share information pertaining to your project by using @mentions. Link specific tasks or projects to one of your teammates by mentioning them. Simply type “@” following the name of your teammate. They will also be receiving a notification via email when any new activity is linked to them.

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