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How to Quickly Visualize Your Team’s Workload

Workload View

Projects are all about tasks, deadlines, resources, and, of course, people. But, how do you make sure your workload is well-balanced within your team?

Working in a project usually means there is more than one person involved. And, the larger the project, the more complex it is to manage the whole workload.

In a project, there should be a balanced distribution of duties. It is extremely important to know if some of your team members are overloaded, or if, on the contrary, some of them are under-performing. Because by not knowing this, you might be hindering the success of your project.

Now, thanks to Instagantt’s new Team Workload View feature, you can keep track of your team’s work distribution. As soon as you create a project, you will notice an additional option in the lower part of your Gantt chart, that reads “Open workload availability”.

By clicking on the drop-down arrow, a table will open where you will be able to see each of your team members, next to their workload. Each teammate has a lane, where their daily hours dedicated to a task, are represented by their estimated hours on each of their assigned project tasks.

This way, you’ll know exactly what your team is keeping busy with these days:

Instagantt: Gantt Chart Team Workload View

*All Projects view option is only available on Instagantt’s Standalone version.

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