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How to Export Your Project to Microsoft Excel

Export Gantt Chart to Excel

Project management is very much about collaborating and communicating. It is so important that, in fact, being able to share information on the go is crucial, especially when you are meeting with external teams, clients, or stakeholders since a lot of times they are not fully aware of the project’s current status or progress.

We understand that this is a priority for you, and with this in mind, we have just added a highly functional feature that will allow you to export your project representation to Microsoft Excel. Our feature will also allow you to edit the content of your chart (baselines, dates, tasks) on your spreadsheet.

To give it a try, head over to the “Export & Share” menu on top and click on “Export on Spreadsheet”. The menu will now let you choose the columns you want to include in your spreadsheet. Once you are done selecting the columns you want to add to your spreadsheet, click on the “Generate” button. Wait a few seconds and a “Download” button will appear. 

That’s it! Your Excel spreadsheet will now be ready for viewing and sharing.