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Create Unique Ways to Track Work With Custom Field Management

Custom Field Management

To help you track, visualize and customize your projects, it's crucial to be able to create certain columns with specific data of your project. Custom field management, is a feature available in Instagantt Standalone that will allow you to create, organize, display, and track the information that is most critical to your team’s work, so you can bring more structure to your projects. 

Custom fields allow you to track practically anything across your tasks and projects. To make the most out of this feature, you will have the ability to easily create multiple fields for different work stages, task statuses, currency, percentage, and much more. By having the liberty to manage custom fields, users can now create unique ways to track their work more efficiently!

Create Custom Fields

Adding custom fields to your project in Instagantt is simple and can be done in just a few steps. Navigate to Columns and select Manage Custom Fields. From here, you can choose an existing field or you can create brand new fields. 

To create a new field, click on New Custom Field and label your field by entering a name in the text field. Next, select the type of field you need to create: you can choose from text, dropdown list, decimal number, currency, integer number, or a percentage-based field. Once you’re ready, click Create. To customize your fields, head over to the settings icon and simply edit the information. You’ll be able to edit different options such as field names, display colors, and more.

Create custom fields

Manage and Filter Custom Fields

Custom fields are super helpful because they also act as filters, this means you can easily leverage, group information, and know where work stands at a glance. This helps you prioritize and organize data that is most relevant to you and your team for smoother workflows. 

To filter information that is most critical to you, you can select which custom fields will be displayed on your Gantt chart columns by toggling the different fields on the custom field manager. The custom fields that you choose to visualize will be visible on your timeline, task view, public snapshots, and image and spreadsheet exporting options. 

Manage and filter custom fields

And, if you and your team no longer have use for a specific field, you can simply delete it by clicking on the trash bin icon located on the custom field manager (just be careful, once it’s been deleted you won’t be able to recover the field).

Remember! This feature is currently only available in Instagantt Standalone.

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