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How to Use the Estimated Hours Feature

Estimated Hours

Estimated Hours could simply be defined as the amount of time you think it’s going to take to complete a certain task. (Not to be confused with Actual Hours, which refers to the real amount of time it took to finish that specific task).

Tracking estimated hours is very beneficial to your project because it not only prevents you or your team from going overboard and assigning an unrealistic amount of time to a task but it serves as historical data to your future projects

In order to track Estimated Hours, first, make sure to have the field selected from the Columns menu. Then, simply add the information by typing directly onto the EH field. You will notice that as you add EH to tasks, the section to where these tasks belong to will automatically add up the sum of your EH.

By assigning EH to a task, Instagantt will automatically divide the number of hours by the number of days you had previously assigned to the task. This way, it will show you an estimated daily task completion effort. 

Estimated Hours