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How to Multi-Select Tasks From Your Task Menu

Select Multiple Tasks

Project management software is all about making every effort count in the most productive and efficient way possible. And, sometimes, even the smallest change can help you become more effective in the way you manage your daily tasks.

We continuously find ourselves thinking about the ways in which we could improve our tool, by looking for ways to reduce repetitive, tedious and unnecessary actions, especially when we know and understand that project management means you need to be focused on a dozen different things, all at once. This is exactly why we have developed our newest feature: Multi-select tasks on the task list.


By using the standard click & shift-click, or click & ctrl/cmd click command, you will be able to select multiple tasks on the task list to perform common massive actions. Some of these actions that you will be able to perform include: being able to change the assignee, setting dates, changing estimated and actual hours, adding tags, changing colors and changing the progress of your tasks.

Select multiple tasks