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How to Create Dependencies and How Do They Work


Project management is all about learning to prioritize. Projects are made of tasks and these tasks commonly follow a certain order. Even the simplest project requires a logical order to be followed in order to achieve its completion. 

As projects become more complex and involve multiple team members, a variety of different tasks will need to be completed. When mapping your project, you will soon realize that some tasks will certainly be connected to other tasks, and some of your team members will need to fulfill those tasks before other tasks can even start to progress. Those tasks are dependant on each other.

What are Dependencies? 

Dependencies are wonderful when managing projects because they make you follow a proper order when mapping out and managing your tasks. They allow you to define what the critical tasks are, and which tasks need to be performed first. In other words, it’s an event that occurs when a preceding task relies on the succeeding one.

Does Instagantt offer Dependencies as a Feature? 

Yes, we firmly believe Dependencies are incredibly useful, and they make make project management a lot easier. When you are managing a full plan schedule that needs to stay synchronized, and a change of plan occurs, having dependencies between tasks is a simple and effective way to keep your information aligned. By changing one task, the effect of this change will be propagated across your Gantt chart.

Dependencies offer great value to project management because by using them, you will be able to identify the impact of project delays, gain insight, and quickly recover from any possible setbacks.

How to Start Using Dependencies in Instagantt

Creating Dependencies between tasks is super easy, thanks to Instagantt’s drag & drop function. Just locate the dependant task and its predecessor, and drag the small circle that will appear on the left side of your task’s timeline. You will quickly notice how Instagantt connects both tasks. By moving your main task, your dependant task will also move accordingly across your Gantt chart. Simple as that.

See how they work:
Instagantt: Dependencies

Instagantt allows you to create any kind of task dependency for your projects, even the most complex ones:


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