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How to Delete Tasks, Filter, and Sort Them

Delete Tasks, Filter, and Sort

Projects are prone to changes, and changes are inevitable. Lucky for you, Instagantt makes it easy to delete previously created tasks. And thanks to the filter option, locating a specific task will be a breeze.

Delete Tasks

In order to delete a task, simply hover your cursor over a task, and click on the options menu. Then, select “Delete task” from the menu and confirm you want to delete the task by clicking the “Yes please, delete” dialogue. Be careful, once you delete a task, you will not be able to bring it back.

Delete tasks

Filter Tasks

Instagantt allows you to customize your view to see or find certain tasks, thanks to the filters located at the top of your project. You can choose to filter tasks based on the start and due dates, assignees, estimated hours, and even progress status.

Filter tasks

Sort Tasks

Sorting makes it simple to maintain the desired order associated with your tasks. When creating tasks you will be presented with two options: Keep manual order or sort by date. By choosing to sort your tasks by date, they will be listed chronologically. Nice and tidy.

Sort tasks