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How to Visualize and Update Your Progress

Visualize your Progress

As your projects move forward, so do your tasks. And in order to keep everyone up-to-date with how your project is coming along, you will want to maintain an updated picture of your progress.

Progress is the easiest way to communicate the current status on a given project. It represents how much work has been completed on a certain task. Updating progress is very simple. In order to do so, just click on the taskbar, and select the percentage of completion of your task.


You can also update the progress by clicking on the task itself and choosing the completion percentage from the menu, or you can even type the current percentage of completion on the designated Progress column. Just add any value from 1 to 100.


Progress is automatically calculated on the software. So once the percentage is updated on a task, Instagantt will automatically update the completion for the task (or the group of tasks), and the information will be reflected on your project in real-time.

And in order to mark a task as completed, just head over to the task and click on the checkmark icon. Simple as that. 

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